Brief Introduction
Mary Grace is known for her leading role in the movie, "Final: The Rapture,"  which also starred Carman ( Christian Singer), released in theaters Jan/2014 and for helping to produce the feature film, "The Father's Love," released fall/2014. Grace is currently writing her first book while traveling as a public speaker and working on a few TV and film projects. She is available for speaking engagements, film and TV appearances.  Mary Grace has a double masters from Fuller Theological Seminary: Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) and Intercultural Studies. Her undergrad degree is in Organizational Behavior/Organizational Communications from Rollins College and she has studied acting since 2002.​

Actor in TV & Film
Mary Grace is Starring in the feature film, “Final: The Rapture” that had a limited theatrical release in Regal & Premiere theaters Jan/Feb 2014. It is now available online & in stores everywhere including: Walmart, Target, Barns & Noble, Amazon, Rakuten, and Family Video. Grace has worked in Independent Film and TV since 2002. To see Mary's top credits visit her Internet Movie Database ( IMDb) page. 

Mary Grace helped Produce the feature, "The Father's Love," released in select theaters Nationwide Fall 2014. 

Mary Grace was featured on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel, an article was written about her in the FLORIDA TODAY newspaper, she was interviewed on Telemundo TV, Alkaraza TV and on the international radio station TheBlastFM. Her role in the movie Final:The Rapture was also featured in the Washington Post, NY Times, & the Houston Chronicle.   

Grace has her Masters of Divinity (M.Div.) from Fuller Theological Seminary and her second Masters is in Intercultural Studies with an emphasis in Youth, Family and Culture also from Fuller Theological Seminary. Her BA Degree is in Organizational Behavior with a minor in Organizational Communications from Rollins College, a private College ranked number one in Regional Universities in the South by U.S News and World Report. Grace was accepted into Rollins on four scholarships and graduated with high honors. 
What Mary is doing now
Grace is writing her first book that should be published sometime soon and is currently in pre-production on another movie and TV show. Grace is an event, conference, and ministry speaker and serves as a prayer minister where many people come to her seeking guidance, healing, and direction in life. Grace ministers in the gifts of healing, prophecy, and flows in words of knowledge. Mary Grace has lived in a intimate supernatural dimension with God throughout her life. 
Today's Impact
Mary Grace has a profound positive influence on today's generation of teens and young adults and is known for encouraging and motivating youth, young adults and people of all ages to pursue their creativity and artistic expression. Grace focuses on passion and the skill of igniting new and old dreams while holding unto faith. She believes in the strength of knowing one's true identity as a son and daughter of God and this message has resonated within her heart bringing healing and liberty to both the very young and mature. Grace has dedicated the rest of her life to help bring light, love, life and healing into the world through her films, speaking, writing and prayer. Mary Grace believes that true living is to live life as a light with love and grace while helping others to live their lives to the fullest.  
Days Off

On her days off she likes to walk on the beach and take time to meditate, spending quiet time with God, nature and her thoughts. She also likes to meet up with friends to see a great new movie, go hiking, or try a new adventure. 
Mary Believe's ​

Mary Grace believes that we are ALL called to do good and bring healing into our world just as Jesus did as our example (Acts 10:38) and we do this by God's Spirit working with us and within us. “Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” ―John Wesley

Movie Producer, Actor, Writer, Host and Speaker

Mary Grace is available for speaking engagements, film & TV appearances.